Thoophomlanna's Incense Products
We well understand in all incense product so, with our long experience we guarantied of high quality product to reach your satisfaction, compettive price and delivery on time. We welcome made to your order design.

- Incense in Saa paper box (SB)

- Incense in Wooden box (WB)
- Incense in Thai silk box (TSB)
- Incense in Cotton box (CTB)
- Incense Box (TL)
- Incense with Ceramic sprit bamboo (CP)
- Incense stick (TI)
Useful purpose of Thoophomlanna's Incense Products
Aromatic incense use for clearing mustly odors, freshening bathroom and use for traditional ritual. Unburned incense can be put into your carbinet or the car for freshening as well. The fragrance of incense probably makes you feel refreshing and relaxing more in the morning. Moreover, a gift set of incense can be used as the present to impress your someone special in all seasons greeting.

Ingredients of Incense Product

- Parawood 70%
- Transproemai, Gymanthera Bed 20%
- Essential Oil 5%
- Non-Toxic Color 5%

Production Process

- Mix all ingredients together with water
- Put the mixture into machine
- Put the incense into an heater until it dry absolutely
- Keep in plastic bag
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